Landon Donovans Soccer

Landon Donovans Love for Soccer

Soccer has been a favourite game to a huge section of the male crowd. This was exactly the same case for Landon Timothy Donovan who is better known as Landon Donovan, he has been a lover of the soccer game since the time maybe he learnt to move.

Landon Donovans love for soccer grew so intense that he intended on making a career in it. His work hard and determination has helped him to get pass all the hurdles and make his own recognition in the world of soccer.

Landon Donovan was born in the year 1982 on the 4th of March. He is originally from the United States and plays for one of the renowned Major League Soccer teams, Los Angeles Galaxy.

Landon Donovan plays in the position of forward and as the situations demands or if required he can fill in as a very good attacking midfielder on either sides of the wing. Landon Donovan is the leader when it comes to scoring and assists at all times for the United States national team and he has also achieved the most number of caps among all the active players.

He holds a title for winning the U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year award four times in consecutive years.

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