Lance Berkman Touching Successes

Lance Berkman Touching Successes

Born in the year 1976 on the 10th of February was another American professional baseball player by the name William Lance Berkman who is better known to people as Lance Berkman.

His strong position in the game of baseball was as the outfielder and baseman that started out his career in the Major League Baseball wit the team called St. Louis Cardinals.

Lance Berkman weighs about two hundred and twenty pounds and his height is about six feet and an inch. During the various seasons of his career Lance Berkman tried keeping himself as much flexible with positions as possible and hence played in all three positions of the outfield. The well known teams that Lance Berkman has been a part of and played for were Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees. In the year 2011, for the season Lance Berkman signed a contract with St. Louis Cardinals for an entire year.

This decision of his has assisted him to reach places in his career as on the 5th of July Lance Berkman completed his three hundred and fiftieth home run plus the long-ball hit by him was the farthest home rum ever in the history of the new Busch Stadium.

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