Lancaster Barnstormers

Lancaster Barnstormers

The American professional baseball team called the Lancaster Barnstormers is a team that is based in Lancaster that belongs to the land of Pennsylvania. This minor baseball team does not hold any affiliation with any of the Major League Baseball and the Lancaster Barnstormers are a proud member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

The Clipper Magazine Stadium has been a home to all the Lancaster Barnstormers home games since the year 2005 and at present continues to do so. The stadium is placed in the citys Northwest Corridor.

After a long desirous waiting for about forty four years the fans of baseball atlast managed to bring back the sport to their hometown since the fold of the Lancaster Red Roses that happened after the season of the year 1961.

In 2003 when baseball returns to their land, the team got together and sponsored for a fan ballot for the team name. Out of the entries submitted the name Lancaster Barnstorming was selected as it signified the travel around an area appearing in exhibition sports events especially for the game baseball.

When the Lancaster Barnstormers played against the Philadelphia Giants, a crowd of about seven to eight hundred fans had gathered to witness the event.

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