Lake Erie Crushers

Lake Erie Crushers, Members of the Independent Frontier League

The place Avon situated in Ohio has been a home to a professional baseball team along with a huge fan following for the Lake Erie Crushers. This minor baseball league is not an affiliation to any of the Major League Baseball.

The Lake Erie Crushers is a proud member of the independent Frontier League. The reason for having a never ending list of fan following for the team is that, that in their first in the Frontier League itself they proved to the world what they are capable of by winning the championship in their inaugural season.

In the beginning of the series the Lake Erie Crushers had lost their first two games after which they defeated the River City Rascals in three games to two.

The Frontier League teams name as well as logo was unveiled in the year 2008 on the 4th of December by the Avon Professional Baseball in order to begin their play on the grounds of Avon. The Morning Journal had sponsored a contest called Name the Team and the name for the Lake Erie Crushers was chosen out of those submitted entries.

The owner of the team Steven Edelson had claimed that they had received over eight hundred entries in this contest.

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