Keith Benson

Keith Benson

Keith Benson is a professional basketball player. He was born on 13th august in the year 1988. Keith Benson is a giant of a player standing 6feet 11 inches tall and a build to match his height.

He is one of the fittest athletes around presently. Keith Benson plays in the most crucial position in the centre and thus he needs to be particularly fit as both the duties of attacking and defending can be entrusted to him according to the situation of the game.

Keith Benson has won many Player of the Year awards including two awards last year and he is currently playing for the Atlanta Hawk of the National Basketball Association or the NBA. Before joining the present team, Keith Benson played for the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA.

He has enjoyed tremendous success with the present team and he is among the most valuable players of the side and is also one of the highest earning players. Keith Benson went to college at the Oakland University and he also represented his university at the college level.

Apart from playing in the NBA he also appears in many TV commercials for many sports brands and food fair-play campaigns.

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