Kansas City Royals Baseball Team

Kansas City Royals Baseball Team

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City Royals are a baseball team in the major league category. They are affiliated to the Central Division on the American League. The home ground of the team is the Kauffman Stadium. The stadium was recently renovated with new galleries and excellent facilities; it received huge grants from the government and is a world class facility.

Kansas City Royals team is currently being coached by Ned Yost and the team is currently owned by David Glass. The main USP of the team is that it continually produces some of the top talents in the baseball circle. Some legends of baseball like Bo Jackson and Tom Gordon were from the Kansas City Royals team.

After the death of the team founder, the team manager also resigned ushering in the downfall of the Kansas City Royals team since the 1990s, the team pass through one of its toughest times between 1990 and 2004 as the failed to make any inroads in any major tournament and has suffered 200 losses in this duration.

Kansas City Royals, during this time saw their sponsors abandon ship and the team was almost at the point of closure. Kansas City Royals made a comeback after 2004 with a fresh side and a bit of money pouring in from few investors and sponsors.

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