Kannapolis Intimidators

Kannapolis Intimidators: Since its inception in 1995, the Kannapolis Intimidators have come a long way and are now a Minor League team. The team is based in Kannapolis of North Carolina. The Kannapolis Intimidators team is endorsed by the Chicago White Sox. The team was originally based in Spartanburg but later moved to Kannapolis.

The home ground for the team is the famous Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium. The stadium has state-of-the-art facilities for the players and also excellent medical facilities. The members of the team hare treated like royals and they are immensely popular in the home arena. Kannapolis Intimidators won their first major title in 2005 and since has made many good finishes but were unable to take the crown in spite of some memorable performances.

The Kannapolis Intimidators team is currently being managed by Tommy Thompson and the owner of the team is Brad Smith. Coach Thompson has an eye for spotting new talents and many new players are regularly signed by the Kannapolis Intimidators and they go on to contribute greatly for the side.

The team was previously known as Piedmont Bol Weevils after the many cloth mills for which the region was famous and was later renamed Piedmont Phillies after which they finally were rechristened Kannapolis Intimidators in 1995.

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