Jupiter Hammerheads

Jupiter Hammerheads

Jupiter Hammerheads is a baseball team from Jupiter, Florida. The team is named after the hammerhead sharks that are found near the coast of Florida. The Jupiter Hammerheads is a minor league team and is affiliated to the main baseball governing body. The Roger Dean Stadium is the home ground of the team.

The team logo has a picture of the shark wearing a cap.

Hammerhead sharks are very funny creatures but they can be very ruthless and voracious if the need arises, this is reflected in the style of play of the Jupiter Hammerheads as they are a good team but they can become very aggressive and a ruthless competitor if the conditions are demanding.

The club has produced many fine players who have gone on to play in the major league and hence the team has a good reputation in the baseball circuits.

Jupiter Hammerheads also have their trademark way of celebrating a victory where they pose as sharks and the victory celebrations are quite a rage among their fans. Jupiter Hammerheads are currently being coached by Coach Ron Hassey who has done a good job with the boys as they have had many good victories in the last seasons and many good performances.

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