Julius Doctor J Erving

Julius Doctor J Erving

Born in New York, Julius Erving is one of the all time greats in basketball history. He has been inducted into several Hall of fame categories including the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Nassau county sports Hall of fame. Julius Erving is one of the highest scorers in the history of the game and also one of the most colorful personalities. His trademark style of play was set as a benchmark and young aspiring players emulate him even today, he had his own unique style of play which was very flamboyant and very effective at the same time.

Julius Erving also played an important role in setting up the American Basketball Association and also helped it to get approval from the government. Julius Erving was by far the best known player of the ABA.

His signature style of netting the ball after jumping high up above the rim was known the world over as the slam dunk and is one of the most popular phrases of the game currently.

Julius Erving also popularized his other trademark moves like the no look pass which are taught to the young player today. Julius Erving Julius Erving retired at the age of 37 and has set up his business and also sometimes works as a sports analyst.

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