Julie Krone Female Jockey

Julie Krone Female Jockey

Julie Krone Jockey: When it comes to a Female jockey, Julie Krone is one of the most prominent names in the field. The horse racing scene is mostly male dominated, but Julie Krone changed all that in a very drastic manner.

Julie Krone not only participated in the sport but also won many important races which have etched her name in the hall of fame of jockeys. She is the first woman to jockey to win the Breeder Cup at Santa Anita and she is among the top eight Female jockeys of all times. The racing career of Julie Krone was riddled with injuries that were sometimes life threatening, but this iron lady came back again and again and proved her mettle to the world.

The character of Julie Krone can be better explained if we look into her personal life. She got married at the peak of her carrier and even declared retirement as she was soon expecting a baby.

Julie Krone gave birth to her child and came out of retirement to win even more races and kept the perfect balance between profession and her responsibilities. Julie Krone is still engaged with the sport as a racing broadcaster and still weaves her magic with her voice as her whip is replaced by the microphone.

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