Juan Antonio Samaranch

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Juan Antonio Samaranch is a very prominent figure in the sports arena in spite of never having played any sport. Born to a wealthy family in Barcelona, Juan Antonio Samaranch has been engaged in wars, banking industry and finally served the International Olympic Committee or the IOC as vice president and then the president. He has been part of the International Olympic Committee from 1980 to 2001 and has helped improve the condition of the committee.

Juan Antonio Samaranch was among the first IOC presidents to set about improving the finances of the committee by inviting sponsorships and media rights distribution schemes.

Many new countries became part of the IOC family under his presidency. The Moscow Olympics were held during the time of Juan Antonio Samaranch and though Russia opted out of one edition, he has helped the committee to grow considerably. Juan Antonio Samaranch has been instrumental in promoting sporting activities in many countries where the sporting culture was nonexistent.

He has also helped include many new sports into the Olympics and the number of events has kept on increasing ever since. Juan Antonio Samaranch will always be remembered as the most enthusiastic IOC president, he has worked selflessly for the benefit of sports and his contribution to the world of sports is beyond measure.

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