Josh Akognon

Josh Akognon

Josh Akognon is one of the better known players in the NBA circle, but it is also to be noted that he was judged the most underrated player in the Famous sports illustrated magazine.

His career was a very sad story since he never got the recognition even after performing for his team and was always eclipsed by the bigger names in the squad. Josh Akognon is of Nigerian descent and played for Casa-Grande high school California.

He is well known for his skill as a guard and his immense control over his nerves. The high point of his career was when he won the Player of the year award in the 2008-09 seasons. Josh Akognon played for the Washington State University teams and the Call State Fullerton team in the collegiate basketball circle. His height enabled him to be very effective in his position and hence he was very successful as a guard.

Jost Akognon has now moved to the Chinese Basketball Association and has taken a liking to the CBA he has performed tremendously well with an outstanding average of 29 points for the season. The move to the CBA has been an important point in the career of Josh Akognon.

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