Jose Canesco

Jose Canesco

Jose Canesco is half of the famous Canesco Brothers who are pretty well known in the baseball circles. Jose Canesco was born in Cuba and he later shifted to the United States of America and took up baseball.

Jose Canesco and brother Ozzie were very prominent players of the Yuma Scorpions team of the North American Baseball league. Jose Canesco is popularly known as Parkway Jose for his big homeruns some of which often landed in the parking lots which made him a hot favorite among the fans. He is also one of the more famous Major league baseball players and his skill on the outfield won him many accolades from all quarters.

Jose Canesco grew up in Miami and went to Coral High school. His baseball career has been full of ups and downs and he was also injured many times and had to undergo surgeries which made his career full of gaps. But he came back time and again despite criticism from the media and proved that he is a true champion.

Jose Canesco then retired from baseball and took interest in Boxing and mixed martial arts and now he is working as a manager of major baseball teams.

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