John Bryant

John Bryant – One of the Earliest English Professional Cricketers

John Bryant was one of the earliest known professional cricketers from England who played during the middle part of the 1700s. There is very limited information available about John Bryant with regards to his batting style, whether he was a right handed or left handed batsman, as well as his bowling style, whether he was a right handed bowler or a left handed bowler, whether he was a spinner or fast bowler and such other things. From the information that is available, it is known that Bryant was predominantly a batsman who could bowl a little.

The time of him playing first class cricket on English soil can be traced back to the 1740s and 1750s during which time; he played for the Bromley Cricket Club and represented his county Kent.

It is also known that John Bryant played in 19 single wicket matches as well as 13 first class matches for the two afore mentioned tams during 1743 and 1756. During that time, not many cricketers took to cricket as a profession and it can be said that John Bryant was one of the earliest cricketers to turn professional. He is also known as the brother of James Bryant.

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