Florida State University Cheerleaders

Florida State University Cheerleaders

The Florida State University has a cheering team comprising of twenty to twenty five members. They have both a co-ed as well as an all-girl squad. The FSU cheerleaders cheer their varsity athletic teams in all their games, both home and away. They cheer from the side-line as well as give half time performances when at home. The cheering squads are there for the football, basket ball and volleyball games. They even cheer for ACC/NCAA tournament basketball games. Apart from cheering at the sports meets the squad is actively involved in community services, where they organize cheer clinics for interested tryout candidates, make visits to nursing homes and relief centers. The FSU cheerleaders also participate in alumni events and fundraisers in a given academic year.

The Florida cheerleaders do not get any scholarship but they do get free uniforms and their travel expenses are paid by the university. The squad enjoys perks for being a part of the cheering team, which includes clothes, shoes and accessories from Nike- warm ups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, practice wear. Apart from these they also get discounts on salons and gym memberships.

The cheerleading tryouts in FSU take place during May, where new members are selected and the training period starts. The FSU cheerleaders have to be good with the skills as well as be able to carry themselves and communicate with the coach and students. They have to be able to handle the immense pressure that comes once the practice starts. Since they have cheering events immediately after the first tryouts, th new recruits must be able to pick up and learn the routine quickly.

The FSU cheerleaders focus primarily on athletic meets where they cheer on their team and therefore they are representatives of the university’s team spirit. Other than being good dancers and gymnasts the squad members are very confidant and adept in communicating with strangers when they are promoting the FSU spirit in athletic meets as well as other events and occasions.

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