Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso: Racing along the path of success

Fernando Alonso was born on 29th July 1981. He has become a renowned and an important personality in the racing circuit. He is currently with Ferrari and racing for them. The passion for the racing circuit started from his father, who was an amateur kart racer. His father Jose Luis initially wanted his daughter, who is five years elder to Fernando Alonso, to join the carting circuit. However she never showed interest in her fathers dreams which is why the focus shifted to the young Fernando Alonso.

He started with carting competitions and gradually entered the Formula 1 circuit.

He became the youngest racer to achieve success to this extent. His Formula 1 career started with Minardi at the Australian Grand Prix. The next year he was absorbed by Renault as a test driver.

His excellent performance could be seen through his achievements. His pole position at the Malaysian Grand Prix that year was commendable and a huge fan fare was set up.

Fernando Alonso was with Renault till 2006 before switching over to McLaren in the year 2007. However there was a huge controversy which arose from the Hungarian Grand Prix and Alonso was allowed to leave the team that very year. Following his resignation he rejoined Renault who readily accepted him back. However in the year 2010 Fernando Alonso was signed on by Ferrari as a replacement to Kimi Raikkonen and has been steady till date.

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