ETwaun Moore Basketball Player

Strength and Weakness of ETwaun Moore Basketball Player

ETwaun Moore was born on 28th of February in the year 198. Presently his age is 22years. This young basketball player is highly skilled. He is 6ft 4inhces tall and weighs 89kgs. Moore has got a very high rate of scoring.

He was attracted towards the game of basketball when he is quite young. Since childhood he has been playing the game. Basketball is his passion. He plays the game with full concentration.

When on the basketball court, ETwaun Moore gives a tough fight to his opponents. He hardly rushes on the floor. Moore is very fast on the court. He has got a different style of dribbling which confuses his opponents.

Whenever he gets the ball, there are high chances of scoring goals. His team depends on Moore. At quite a young age, Moore has won considerable amount of fan following. This was only possible for excellent style of playing. Whenever Moore is guarded by more than one defender, he hesitates to score goal.

Statistic says that in such cases he has failed for most of the time. The player needs to get stronger and faster. He is inconsistent as a shooter. He needs to look after these drawbacks to become more and more famous as a basketball player.

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