Eric Maynor basketball player

Eric Maynor basketball player

Eric Maynor was born on 11th June in the year 1987. Erics full name is Eric Demarqua Maynor. Eric plays in the point guard position. He used to play college basketball for the team of VCU Rams. He has an average of 22.3points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.8 steals and 6.3 assists for each game.

Present Eric Maynor plays for the team of Oklahoma City Thunder which in NBA association. Eric was very much attracted towards the sport of basketball since his childhood. He used to play with the ball all day long when he was a kid. He was very passionate about the game of basketball.

His high school record was also very good. He is a different style of play. He controls the point guard position very well. On 22nd December 2009, he signed the contract with Oklahoma City. Since he came to the team he started helping the team by giving his full effort.

Eric is very fast on the basketball court. The opponent can never mark him to stop from getting the ball. He also has got a very good technique of dribbling capability. The particular has good physique with a height of 6ft 2inches and he weighs 79kgs.

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