Ekpe Udoh – Basketball

Ekpe Udoh – Basketball

Ekepedeme Friday Udoh, the son of Alice and Sam Udoh was born in Edmond, Okhlahoma in May 20, 1987. He is commonly called as Ekpe Udoh, and pronounced as Epp-Ay Ooh-Doe. In the year 2006 he graduated from Edmond Santa Fe High School.

This American Basketball Player started his basketball career from the high school level from where he graduated and guided the team to the junior state championship.

He is perfectly built as a complete basketball player with a listed height of 6 ft 10 in and weighing about 245 lb. Ekpe Udoh is representing the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association as a centre and forward basketball player. Formerly he had played for Baylor Bears wherefrom he had been selected by the warriors in the year 2010 NBA Draft as the sixth overall pick.

He has a wingspan of 74 1/2 and became the leading shot blocker during the basketball season of 2009-2010 in Big 12 Conference. During his season at Baylor he represented the Conference.

He had also represented the Big Ten Conference as a freshman after being transferred from Michigan. In the big Ten Conference statistical championship he holds an average of 2.67 conference game and 2.88 all game in blocked shots. It is needless to mention Ekpe Udoh is an outstanding basketball player of all times.

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