EJ Harrison Bio

EJ Harrison Bio

EJ Harrison was born on June 22nd in the year 1979. He was born in the state of Connecticut and played for the western Connecticut State University and later shifted to the University of Connecticut.

EJ Harrison has also represented other teams of America and has played professionally also. His career started in the 1998 season and he is still going strong. EJ Harrison is tall and extremely fit which makes him an ideal basketball player; he has tremendous ball control and great reflexes. He is also known for his swift movements to disorient the opponent.

EJ Harrison had the ability to suddenly break into any defense and create a point out of nowhere. Later in his career he British Basketball league and joined the Glasgow Rocks team where he is currently playing.

EJ Harrison has gained popularity in the British Basketball circuit also with many points and a very good average per game. He has an average plating time of almost 15 minutes which is great according to basketball standards, so he has to be very fit and agile in order to perform well during the game.

EJ Harrison is married and his family including his wife and two children to date, are currently settled in Glasgow.

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