Edmonton Capitals

Edmonton Capitals

Edmonton Capitals were originated in Edmonton which is situated in Alberta. The previous name of the team was Edmonton Cracker-Cats. This team used to play in the Northern League in the year 2005. After that the team shifted to the Golden Baseball League.

The team continued to play in the Northern League till the season of 2007. In 2008, it left the Northern League to join Golden Baseball League. In the years 2009, a person named Daryl Katz bought the Edmonton Cracker-Cats.

Then the name was changed to Edmonton Capitals. Now the team got the affiliation for Major Baseball League. Presently, the team plays for the North Division of Baseball League of North America.

The initial name that is, Cracker-Cats was taken from a particular word of the oil industry. The word was fluid catalytic cracking which was in short called cracker cats. The word meant to some catalytic activity which helped in the conversion of crude oil.

On May 20th of 2005, the team played for the first time. In the year 2010 the team joined the Golden Baseball League and it will start performing in the League form the season of 2011. Edmonton Capitals has launched their official websites where all the in formations are available. Online tickets and team merchandise are also available.

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