Ed Furgol

Ed Furgol

Ed Furgol is regarded as one of the most courageous golf player. He is an idol for many golfers. If we want to give a synonym to the word courage then, it can surely be Ed Furgol. There is a tragic story behind Furgol.

When Furgol was only twelve years of age, he suffered from a severe hand injury. Just before his 12th birthday, Furgol was playing in trapeze in a playground. He fell from that trapeze. His left arm was broken and young Ed had to move to his residence in such a painful condition.

The local doctor inspected the wound and the particular arm was plastered. After two months, when the plaster was removed, it was found that the wound was not healed properly. The arm was not at all set in a proper manner. He had to go several operations. But, the doctors failed to set the arm properly. His arm became 6inches shorter than the other arm with swollen elbow. He was not from a rich family. He caddied in the local golf club. Golf became his passion.

He started practicing in that local golf club and was determined to become a golfer by profession one day. His strong determination helped to become a successful golfer. He became the inspirations of many talents.

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