Doug Ford – famous golfer

Doug Ford – famous golfer

The full name of Doug Ford is Douglas Michael Ford. He was born on 6th of August in the year 1922. He was the member of American Professional Golfer. He won two major golf tournaments.

Doug took birth in West Haven which is situated in Connecticut. In the year 1949, he chooses the sport of golf as his profession and came to the field as a professional golfer.

In the year 1952, Ford made his debut in the international golf tournament of Jacksonville Open. Unexpectedly Doug Ford won that particular tournament and came to the live light.

His first major is the PGA tour of the year 1955. In that tour Middlecoff was defeated by Doug Ford in the final round. His last win was on the PGA tour of the ear 1963. That tour was his 19th PGA tour. He also played for the Ryder cup teams. Doug was 5ft 11 inches tall and weighed 82kgs.

He was great player of his time. His strength was shot accuracy. He has a unique style of tee shots. Doug gave a tough competition the players who played against him.

In his lifetime, he won certain awards which include the World Hall of Fame and also Hall of Fame of Italian Golf association.

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