Donovan McNAbb

Donovan McNAbb

Donovan Mcnabb was born in 25th November in the year 1976. He played the game of American Football. Donovans position was quarterback. He used to play for Minnesota Vikings which is included in the National League of Football.

From the year 1999 to 2009, Donovan used to play for the Philadelphia Eagles team. In the year 2010, he joined Washington Redskins where he spent the entire season. When this player was in college, he used to play both the sport of American football and also basketball.

He even represented the Syracuse University in both these sports. From college level, Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the team in 1999 NFL draft. Donovan Mcnabb contributed a lot for the Philadelphia Eagles. He helped the team to win four consecutive championships of NFC East Division. He also helped the team tea to win one Super Bowl title.

He is said to one of the Eagles all time great player. He had high skills and defending qualities. His passing abilities and passing completions were also very notable. All these factors help him to become a great player. He has got quite a lot of fan following.

Presently he plays for Minnesota Vikings. His contract will get over with this club in 2012.

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