Dick Weber Bowling

Dick Weber Bowling

Dick Weber was born on 23rd December in the year 1929. He is known as one the great bowling player around. At that time, the game of bowling was not so popular. Hardly there were any bowling teams. But this man tried to promote this game a lot. People call Weber the bowling pioneer.

He is regarded as all time superstar of the game of bowling.

Weber shifted to Florissant situated in Missouri in the year 1955. His only purpose of moving is to form a bowling team. In the year 1955, Weber was successful enough to establish a legendary bowling team which is named as Budweisers.

The name was given after the name of American beer which is quite popular. Other than, Weber there was four members in this particular team. The other members were Tom Hennessey, Pat Peterson, Don Carter and Ray Bluth. In the year 1958, Dick Weber founded the Professional Bowling Association. Other people also helped him to do the foundation.

This man did a lot to promote the particular sport around the world. Soon the game of sport was accepted by the masses and the particular spot became quite famous. Weber passed away in 2005. He was suffering from respiratory problems.

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