Davey Allison NASCAR race driver

Davey Allison NASCAR race driver

Davey Allison was born on the 25th Of February in the year 1961. He was a NASCAR race driver and used to race for the Robert Yates Racing number 28 Texaco-Havoline Ford. Davey Allison was born in Hollywood, Florida and was the eldest son of the NASCAR race driver Bobby Allison and wife Judy.

While Davey Allison was growing up, he preferred football but as most children of racers; he grew up to become a racer too. After graduating from high school, he started working for his fathers Winston Cup team and would also work on his own cars built by Davey Allison and his friends themselves. His career began in the year 1979 at the Birmingham International Raceway and won his first race in just six starts.

Davey Allison then became a regular winner at the Birmingham International Raceway and also started racing in the Automobile Racing Club of America series and was also named the Rookie of the Year in the year 1984.

By July 1985, He also began racing in some of the NASCARSs lower divisions and got his first chance to race a Winston Cup car. Davey Allison finished tenth in his first race itself which got him more opportunities to race in the Winston Cup the following year. Keyword-David Duval.

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