Darts Intro

Darts Intro

Darts: Accuracy, Perfection and sheer fun. Darts is a fun filled game where each individual throws darts on the circular dart board which is fixed on to the wall or any other surface. Darts is a professional sport and people from all over the world compete in this game. The game of darts started way back in pubs and its popularity actually grew on from there. It started way back in the 1870’s and was played only at pubs. The darts board was made out of elm wood and was a messy affair for the pub owner as he had to soak the board in water every night so that the holes would be healed.

Darts flights are easily available, with many professional more expensive types on sale. Some keen darts enthusiasts build their own darts from flights and specialist darts shafts. There is also the option of selecting soft tip darts and steel tip darts.

The scoring mechanism for Darts is pretty simple. Each dart board has 20 sections which score from 1 to 20 points respectively. The central ring is divided in to 2 parts. The outer green portion has a score of 25 points while the inner red portion has a score of 50 points. This inner circle is also commonly termed as the Bulls eye and is the maximum score that can be obtained by any player. The highest possible score in three darts is 180 points also known as Ton 80 as a ton is equivalent to 100 points.

There are a number of variations of the game that is region specific. Round the Clock and Jumper are common variations played in the Asian countries. Darts Ball is also another exciting and innovative variant where the darts are used to play baseball. The board is in the shape of a diamond similar to the baseball pitch. And the darts have to be thrown so as to make runs. Dart Golf and Dart Cricket are also other exciting variants played on dart boards shaped according to the game play on the field.

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