Dante Cunningham

Dante Cunningham – Bobcats Hope

Dante Cunningham is a professional basketball player who plays for the NBA franchise the Charlotte Bobcats. The 24 year old Cunningham was in the second draft pick and 33rd overall pick in the NBA draft of 2009 and was picked up by the Portland Trailblazers who were looking for a power forward at that time.

In 2011, he was traded to the Bobcats where he signed a five year deal. Dante Cunningham attended college at the Villanova University and here he honed his skills as a forward under his coach who took him from defense and put him in attack.

According to Cunningham, he will forever remain indebted to his college basketball coach for asking him to make the switch and it was after this switch that he started to fulfill his potential on the basketball court.

Although he is 24, Cunningham is still a youngster in terms of the standards of the NBA and he still has miles to go before he can earn a huge paycheck and makes lots of endorsement deals. But at the moment, he is solely focused on leading the bobcats to the play offs which they have missed for several seasons in a row.

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