Cleveland State University Cheerleaders

Cleveland State University Cheerleaders

The Cleveland State University has a rich tradition of cheering. They have a team consisting of 19 members of which only three are currently boys. The cheerleaders come from the freshman, junior and sophomore level. The Cleveland cheerleaders cheer at the football and volleyball games. They also cheer for the basketball matches, for the both mens and womens categories.

The cheerleaders are expected to be deeply involved with the community apart from their university. The Cleveland cheerleaders are very involved in community service, participating in local elementary school pep rallies, where they lead the rally with their cheers and stunts. They also visit book reading sessions at kindergartens, interacting with the small kids and mingling with them occasionally. The squad also makes regular visits to local hospitals and nursing homes, where they help around and do community service. They also participate at alumni meets and at functions and events held in Cleveland.

The Cleveland cheerleaders have a strict tryout policy where students with a GPA less than 2.0 cannot take part. The squad takes in new members during the spring tryouts held in May and then start practicing with the new team from July. The skills that the coaches look out for are stretch, chair, toss shoulders, toss extension, liberty, torch, and a standing backhand spring for girls, while for boys a standing back tuck is a required skill. Ability to do tumbling pass is a skill expected in both girls and boys. The cheerleaders have regular practice sessions spread of the over the week, usually four days per week with additional weight training on two to three days every week. Due to the rigorous practice sessions, the squad looks for students who will be capable of handling pressure. They do not take graduate students, students from the first semester and neither do they take transfer students in their squads.

Cleveland cheerleaders participate in competitive cheering events organized nationally.

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