Charles Coody

Charles Coody

The United States of America has produced plenty of golfing legends and one of the foremost among them is Charles Coody whose claim to fame came in 1971 when he beat all odds to win the Masters. All in all, if Coody is brought under the microscope, he did not have the most successful of careers winning just three PGA championships and another three championships away from the PGA tour circuit in his entire career. But that should not undermine the brilliance of Charles Coody. H

Having been called into the Ryder Cup team for the country in 1971, aged 44, he had a reputation of being the best iron players in the history of the country and this is something that he had practiced long and hard for.

Charles Coody could also be seen playing on the senior golfing circuit or the Senior PGA Tour, winning five tournaments there and adding to his collection of trophies. He retired in 2006 from all kinds of golf to concentrate on his home life.

In 2000, the state of Texas inducted Charles Coody into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and has plenty of college golf tournaments named in his honor.

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