Champions All Star Cheerleaders

Champions All Star Cheerleaders

I have to say the whole team was amazing this weekend. The far more important thing is that these kids are learning to change from being champions to great cheerleaders is all it takes to be a good human being. The respect, discipline and pushing yourself to limits and helping others is what will make them better people. You should be proud of what you created in champion.? This is a comment made by a proud parent on his child on being a member at the Champions All Star. Such is the spirit and greatness of this team. Champion All Stars have reached out to everyone.

Champions All Star is a well organized and a trained team that has a very ethnic work atmosphere that promises it success. Champions All Star considers the whole team to be one family. They gym together, they stay together and also united become champions. The Champions All Star is the safest place in the Great Danbury Area and they have one of the most high quality staff and equipment with them.

The staff of Champions All Star consists of the manager Michelle Mastrianni . Marli Mastrianni is the Assistant Cheer Director. They have many cheer coaches namely, Joeli Mastrianni, Paula Paccadolmi, Kimmy Haber, Lyndsey Baird and others. Others in the staff include the Web Master – Genne McNamara, the event coordinator ? Maria Shanley, the instructor Naula Daubert.

Champions All Star won 7 national championships and two Grand Championships. Champions All Star is based in Danbury, CT. They brought participants from different parts to participate in the All American National Cheerleading Competitions which was held on March 19th and 20th. Champions All Star has now moved to the new location in Somers, New York.

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