Cedar Rapid Kernels

Cedar Rapid Kernels – The Sister Team of the Anaheim Angels

One of the foremost teams in the Class-A category of the Minor League Baseball system is the Cedar Rapid Kernels, which is affiliated to the Los Angeles Angels that hails from Anaheim and plays its baseball in the Midwest League.

The Cedar Rapid Kernels entered the Midwest League as a franchise for the first time in 1962 when it was known as the Red Raiders. The Cedar Rapid Kernels has had many affiliations in its history and had adopted the nickname of these teams such as the Cardinals, the Astros, the Giants as well as the Reds before finally settling on the name Cedar Rapid Kernels upon its affiliation with the Anaheim Angels.

The team has so far won the Midwest League Championships on three occasions only in 1968, 19925 and 1994. The team used to play its home matches at the Veterans Memorial Park but since 2000, ever since the referendum was passed by voters to open a new stadium right next to the historic stadium, the Cedar Rapid Kernels play its home matches at the new and improved Veterans Memorial Park. The attendance record of the franchise for a single season is set at almost 197,000 that were set in 2002 at the new stadium.

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