Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer is one of the football stars for the Cincinnati Bengals football squad. He plays quarterback and was drafted into the Bengals team in 2003. Born in 1979 in Fresno, California, he received his education at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and then at the University of Southern California. While in high school, Carson Palmer was of remarkable size and exhibited exceptional arm strength.

Predicting that he would be grow up to be good at sports, his father enrolled him for football lessons in Orange County, where he was taught by erstwhile Bob Johnson, a quarterback phenomenon of his own time.

Carson Palmer was supposed to be enrolled in high school and according to initial plans, the family was supposed to move to the East Coast, but Carson’s father, Bill Palmer intervened saying that the level of competition in California would help improve his son’s game.

Carson still enrolled in the school, but would come back to California on the weekends to practice. In his senior year of high school, he led Orange County with a QB rating of 203.9. After joining university, he had to compete for the quarterback position in the varsity team, the Trojans. He lost, but the person who won was ousted due to ineffectiveness and Carson Palmer made his debut for the team, the only freshman to have done that. After college, he joined the Cincinnati Bengals.

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