Campeche Pirates – 2011 Season performance

Campeche Pirates – 2011 Season performance

The Piratas de Campeche, or Campeche Pirates in English, is a Mexican baseball team playing in the Mexican League. They are a AAA-level team based in the city of Campeche, which happens to be the capital of a state of the same name. They are located in South Mexico. The team’s history started in 1980, the team then used to play and practice at the Venustiano Carunza Park.

The team has been the champion of the Mexican League in 1983 and 2004. In this season of minor league baseball, the Pirates have shown impressive character. On 16th July, the Campeche Pirates rose to second position in the South Zone. They ousted the Red Eagle team, which had won the first match in a filibuster mini series 6-4.

In rising to second spot, the Campeche Pirates’ left-handed pitcher, Ozzie Mendez had this third win of the season. Along with him, the other pitchers for the Campeche Pirates were Esteban Haro, Francisco Villegas, and Taiwan-born Hung Wen Chen. In that match, the top hitters for the Campeche Pirates were Roque Sanchez and Jamie Valen.

As of July 23rd, the Campeche Pirates were still going strong in second place and were gunning for first.

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