Buffalo Jills – The Bills Cheerleading Squad

Buffalo Jills – The Bills Cheerleading Squad

The Buffalo Bills were among the foremost teams in the National Football League or the NFL to have their own cheerleading squad known as the Buffalo Jills. The cheerleading squad for the team was founded way back in 1960 when the concept of having a team’s own cheerleaders was merely a dream for most of the teams playing the League at the time. This squad of the cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills was simply known as the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders before changing their name to their current moniker in1967.

When the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders first began to perform, the squad included of only 8 girls from the Buffalo State College, who used to cheer for the various sports teams of the College. This squad was there till 1965 before, in 1966, the team decided against their performance.

In 1967, the new cheerleading squad, named as the Buffalo Jills was founded that initially included around 43 girls. Moreover, the dressing style of the cheerleading squad was overhauled with the woolen dresses being done away with and the girls put on more revealing clothes. Since the start of the 2000-2001 season, the cheerleading squad of the Buffalo Bills have regularly had a swimsuit calendar that have been sold to raise funds for the squad. Moreover, this cheerleading squad also takes part in various events in the Western part of the New York area as well.

The unique thing about the Buffalo Jills is that this is one of those rare cheerleading squads in the NFL that are not aided financially by the football team. Instead, the sponsors for the squad include WHTT, WGRF and WEDG of the Cumulus Media. In the 2008 season, the squad became the first NFL cheerleading squad to take themselves multinational when they performed in Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

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