Brockton Rox

Brockton Rox

Brockton Roxis the name of a team that plays professional baseball. The team is based in the city of Brockton in Massachusetts in the United States of America. The team has a membership with the professional baseball association of Canada-America.

Brockton Roxdoes not have an affiliation with the Major League of Baseball. The homes games of the Rox have been played in the Campanelli Stadium from the season of 2002 to present.

The team had its celebration of their fifth anniversary with finishing off the season with a 49-43 and being qualified at number 3 at the Playoffs of the Canada America League.

Brockton Roxwon over County Cutters at the opening round of the five match series with a score of 3-1. They were defeated by the Quebec Capitales in the playoffs first round with a score of 3-1.

Brockton Roxacquired John Kelly from the team of New Jersey Jackals through a trade. This right-hander had an instant impact and was a perfect constituent for the team. It was seen in 2009 that the management of Brockton Roxwas in huge dent and wanted the city to revise the commitments of the lease.

The Carminucci Group of Sports intervened and took control in the end. Thus, the Brockton Roxwere revived and stabilized to play an excellent season in 2010.

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