Bobby Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla was born on February 23rd in the year 1963. He was born in the Bronx Area of New York. He played baseball in the professional arena and he played from 1986 to 2001.

He is of Puerto Rican origin and he played in the major league category and he was also known as Bobby Bo. Bobby Bonilla will be remembered for his flamboyant ways and exquisite stroke play.

He was a world class third baseman in the right field and was very dedicated towards his game. Bobby Bonilla later on played an important role as a sports broadcaster; he also worked hard to promote the game in other parts of the world as well. Since baseball is more restricted to America, there is no scope for international competitions so the talented players are not very popular worldwide.

Bobby Bonilla also won many Player of the Year awards and also played in the All American level. He is retired and now dedicates more time towards his family and friends but always tries to find time for his favourite passion that is baseball keeps his body fit Bobby Bonilla now also finds time for golf and plays in an amateur level.

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