Bob Rosburg

Bob Rosburg

Bob Rosburg was born on October 21st in the year 1926 and he was a great professional golfer who played in the professional level. He was born in San Francisco in the state of California and he took golfing to a whole new level.

He took up golf at a very early age when he joined the Olympic Golf club at the tender age of 12. Bob Rosburg was immensely talented and he went on to win many major tiles including world championships.

He played for the PGA and represented his country in many Ryder Cup clashes. Bob Rosburg contributed greatly to the American Ryder Cup victories and occupies a very special position in the lives of the Americans. Bob Rosburg has brought immense pride to his nation by representing his side in many tournaments and bringing great glory to his country.

Bob Rosburg also braved many hurdles in his professional career which are of extremely sensitive nature. His career came to an abrupt end as he suffered great losses in business and in terms of family matters.

Toward the end of his career, Bob Rosburg also worked hard towards the betterment of the game and he also coached budding players in the school and college level.

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