Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers was born on 10th September in the year 1951 in Waco which is located in Texas. Bill Rogers full name is William Charles Rogers. He is 6ft tall and weighs 67 kg. He is included in list of Professional American Golfers.

Bill Rogers won the title in the Open Championship which took place in the year 1981. This particular win is said to be the best win of the golfing career of Bill Rogers. Bill Rogerss father was colonial in the U.S Air Force. His childhood an youth was spent in Germany and Morocco.

At very young age of near about nine, Bill Rogers started playing the sport of golf. He was very much attracted toward the particular sport. He used to play the game with full dedication and full concentration since his childhood.

In his golfing career, Bill Rogers has achieved 14 professional wins. Bill completed his college from University of Houston. He turned as a professional golfer in the year 1974. Since then he has been good quality golf. He was associated with the San Antonio Golf club. In this particular club he worked for eleven long years. He became the director of the club. Bill Rogers retired from the game of golf in the year 2002. Presently he stays with his family in San Antonio which is situated in Texas.

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