Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams was born on 13th September in the year 1968. He is a former baseball player from the Major League. Bernie Williams was born in San Juan which is situated in Puerto Rico.

He used to play in the outfield position. He was a great player of his time. His baseball career came to an end in the year 2007. Bernie Williams made his debut I the year 1991.

In his debut match he played for New York Yankees. He had 287 home runs in his record. Bernie Williams had many ups and downs in his baseball career. But, he was quite consistent during his career.

Other than the sport of baseball, Bernie Williams had another passion. He was attracted towards music. He used to take classical guitar training. He used to learn Jazz, classical, Brazilian, pop and also Latin music.

In the year 2003, Bernie Williams made his debut album. It was a hit in the music. His fan followers loved the music. Bernie managed both baseball and music in a parallel many. After his retirement he fully concentrated in music. He launched two new albums. One of them was launched in 2011. This particular album was about the game of baseball.

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