Ben Woodside

Ben Woodside

Ben Woodside was born on July 1st in the year 1985. He is in the American Professional basketball League. Ben plays in the point guard position. Presently, Ben plays for the Union Olympia team. This particular team is situated in Slovenia.

Ben went to Albert Lea School. From his childhood, Ben was attracted towards the sport of basketball. He has set many records for his high school team. Ben was very dedicated towards this particular sport. He is5ft 11inches tall and weighs 84kg.

Ben Woodside has signed a one year contract with Olympia club. He is a very efficient player. Ben Woodside gives a tough fight to his opponents while on the basketball court.

He handles the point guard position very well. He also has got a unique style of playing. This particular player is very skill full while on the field. He can easily snatch and steal the ball from the opponent and stop the player from scoring goal. For this quality Ben Woodside has got quite famous in among the basketball players of NBA.

Till now Ben Woodside has achieved many international awards for the sport of basketball. Ben Woodside has got quite a large number of fan following. His ball control ability has made him special from the rest of the players.

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