Barry Bonds – star baseball player

Barry Bonds – star baseball player

People who are actively involved with baseball must be aware of the name Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds is an American Major League Baseball outfielder and was born in the year 1964. The name that he has achieved in the field of baseball has really made him one of the best players of all time in baseball.

Barry Bonds has been awarded as the Most Valuable Player Awards where he occupies the Seventh Position and with this he also has a record for four consecutive MVPs. The list does not just end here. With this Barry Bonds has also been awarded All Star 14 times and Gold Glove at least 8 times.

He is also one of the players who have scored 600 home runs Most of the Americans are obsessed with baseball game and Barry Bonds with his amazing skills makes it even better. From the very early stage in his life in baseball he has accomplished a place of honor and thus he is one of the highest played baseball players in the world.

Like every player once Barry Bonds was also accused of the taking steroids and when he was asked about this allegation he smartly answered and handled the question. Barry Bonds truly is a star

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