Amarillo Dillas

Amarillo Dillas

Amarillo Dillas were a renowned basketball team playing in the national basketball league and they hailed from the town of Amarillo, Texas. They attracted a lot of attention from the fans and they were given the nickname Dilla Villa. The Amarillo Dillas played in their home stadium which is the Potter County Memorial Stadium from 1994 to 2010and they are always a major crowd puller.

The Amarillo dillas team play very high quality basketball and they are quite famous for giving high quality potential players to the audience and also to the national team.

The Amarillo Dillas were initially a charter member of the existing independent Texas Louisiana league, which was mainly formed in the year 1994. The Amarillo Dillas were a very strong team in their early years of the Texas-Louisiana League, when they claimed the regular season champion title in the years 1995, 1998, and 2000. They went on to win the first half championship in 1997 and also were the 1999 Texas-Louisiana League champions.

The Texas-Louisiana League was renamed the CBL in 2002, and several new teams were added. The Amarillo Dillas struggled with attendance after this expansion, only averaging 846 fans in their championship series appearance in 2004.

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