Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard is a leading sports personality of the United States of America and she is generally regarded as one of the frontrunners in the sports scene of the country. She has revolutionized women swimming in the country and she is now a glamorous face of the sport in the country.

Amanda Beard was the former world record holder in the 200 meter breaststroke discipline (long course) but that record was broken some years back. Amanda Beard was born on 29th of October, 1981and her full name was Amanda Ray Beard.

She was a very talent sportsperson from her college days and soon enough, she transformed into a mature and talented athlete.

Amanda Beard holds the distinction of winning seven Olympic gold medals which is a huge caliber in its own and this made her a well known figure in the sports world. Amanda Beard held the world record for a very long time and it made her very famous in her country and also all across the world.

Amanda Beard won the American swimmer of the year award twice and the twenty one medals won at various venues illustrate the position of this great sportsperson. She is a very well known figure and almost a household name.

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