Albert Hayensworth

Kick It Off With Albert Hayensworth

Albert Hayensworth was born on 17 June in the year 1981. he was born in South Carolina in a place called Hartsville. Albert Hayensworth is a well-known football defender playing for America. He played in the team called New England Patriots. His very well performance took the notice and hence he was chosen for Tennessee Titans.

When he was attending high school he participated in all the football tournaments that took place. He was a remarkable player. He was coached under the very talented Lewis Lineberger.

Besides football, Albert Hayensworth was good at playing track races and even shot put. Albert Hayensworth had an interesting career on the whole. He was selected twice in Pro Bowls during his career. However, a significant incident called the stomping incident has been the most memorable incident of his entire career.

On the 1st of October in the year 2006, while playing against Cowboys, the center forward Andre Gurode fell down on the ground. Albert Hayensworth removed that deceased helmet and even tried to stomp his head. He failed during his first try and went for the second. This time he severely injures Andr’ Gurode. Albert Hayensworth was Assessed for a penalty and then ejected.

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