Al Watrous Golf

Al Watrous Golf

Al watrous or Albert Andrew Watrous was born on 22nd July 1899.he was a professional golf player of America. Al watrous essential contribution to the world of sports is that he played during the PGA tour, which took place during 1920s and in the years 1930s.

Al Watrous was born in New York in the place called Yonkers. However, he shifted his place from Yonkers to Michigan at a very early age. Al Watrous played in the Ryder Cup which took place during 1927 and also in the year 1929. Al watrous was a Professional player for thirty-seven years and was attached to the club called Oakland Hills Country Club which is situated in Bloomfield Hills.

After he retired from his playing golf, he spent his days working as a Motor Executive.

In the year 1929, Al watrous was taken to the National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

In the year 1982, he was taken to the charter class at the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame.

There is a golf tournament happening between colleges in the world. This particular tournament has been named in the honor of Al Watrous. The tournament was played first in the year 2009.

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