Adventurous Rock Climbing adventure

Adventurous Rock Climbing adventure

When talking about adventure sports, rock climbing is the one sport which comes to the mind o almost every individual. Rock Climbing basically involves an individual climbing up a natural or artificial rock and reaching the summit. It requires tremendous physical and mental strength and is not an easy task. The agility, balance and endurance of an individual are put to test during the rock climbing process.

Due to the wide ranges of rocks and peaks and their formations, there are a number of styles and methods that are adopted in the rock climbing process.

Rock climbing started off with the climbing of boulders which were 10 to 15 feet high. Climbers would find a route with their hands and legs and have a cushioned bouldering pad as a form of protection. Nowadays with the height of the climb increasingly tremendously, special protective measures need to be taken so as to prevent any life threatening accidents.

Top roping is a form of rock climbing which makes use of protective measures. An anchor is set up which clings on to the top of the cliff or rock and a rope Is threaded through it. This enables the rock climbing enthusiasts to have a support when they slip or lose balance. Many countries have made a grading system for the various rock climbing routes which helps rock climbers to know the level of difficulty and the amount of risk involved in a particular venture.

The climbing environment can be made available in both indoors and outdoors to suit each one’s needs and requirements. The most dangerous of all forms of rock climbing is Free Soloing where a rock climber climbs without the support of ropes and neither does he have a water body below where he can reduce the danger if he falls. In this case a fall means death and hence it is not practiced by many.

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