Accessories for Lacrosse

Accessories for Lacrosse

Various accessories are required for the game of Lacrosse. The items which are required for the particular game of Lacrosse are ball, helmet and Lacrosse stick. The ball which is used in this particular game is made of solid rubber. Usually the color of the Lacrosse ball is white but different colors are also available. The weight of the ball is between 140g to 147g and the circumference is between 62.7mm to 64.7mm.

The rubber content of the ball is about 65% and has a re bounce capacity of 70%. The above specifications of the Lacrosse ball are according to the old NCAA rule.

New specifications were published in the year 200. The new rule says the game can be player with a white, orange or yellow colored ball. The weight of the ball has to be between 5 to 5.5 ounces and the circumference between 7.3 to 8inches. During the initial days of Lacrosse game, the ball was made of stuffed deer hair and knotted strips of leather.

In the year 1867, the rubber balls were introduced to the game of Lacrosse. Warrior and Brine are the most popular companies who manufacture Lacrosse balls. Lacrosse gloves are only used in the mens game. In the womens game gloves are not used. Heavy padding is given to each glove. The gloves are designed in such a manner so that, it can protect the wrists, hands and forearms of the particular players.

Canvas or leather materials are used for the padding and synthetic materials are used for protecting the palm area. The gloves worn by the goaltender have much thick padding. Plastics shells are used for manufacture of Lacrosse helmets and metal grills are given to protect the face of the player. The sticks which are used for the particular game are made of plastic. The shafts are usually made of titanium.

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