Aberdeen Ironbirds

Aberdeen Ironbirds

Aberdeen Ironbirds, a very well-known name in minor baseball league, is affiliated under Short Season A. Based currently in Aberdeen, Maryland, the team is owned by Cal Ripken, Jr. Who had played for Baltimore Orioles for 21 years. The team was initially known as Utica Blue Sox till Ripken purchased it in 2002. All the home games are played at the Ripken Stadium which belongs to the Aberdeen Complex of the team owner Ripken Jr.

Some important players include Orlando Alfonso, Parker Bridwell, Jake Cowan, Angel Cespedes, Adam Davis, Joe Velleggia, Mychal Givens, Dudley Leonora, Chris Clinton, Kyle Hoppy, and others. Moe Hill and Cesar Devarez coach the team.

The Aberdeen Ironbirds are regular participants in the New York-Penn league, which is a league for minor league baseball held mostly in the north-eastern parts of the United States. They played host for the said league in the August of 2006.

The team owes its name to the Ironman streak of Cal Ripken and also its affiliation with the major league team Baltimore Orioles which is also known as The Birds. Ripcord and Ferrous, two gray birds, are the team mascots. A silver airplane features in the team logo which has Ripkens number 8 on it.

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