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A warm welcome to our website where we present all things sports related including sports memorabilia and even some shopping pages. We have lots of sports related information resource for you. Exercising enables one to remain in great shape and consequently decrease possibilities of contracting a wide range of disorders and diseases, cardiovascular exercise ones included. Frequent exercising facilitates one’s fitness, and what better way to do that than in engaging in sports? We try to get as much information as we can gather about sports of all types.

Bowling, also known as tenpin bowling in some countries, is a low-cost, readily available and an enjoyable activity for any size gathering, open to everyone regardless of skill, age, or size thus no one feels excluded. Hiking, a strenuous walk in the countryside, often on trails or foot paths, offers a chance to stretch legs, to involved parties, as they get to enjoy beautiful scenery. Camping, mostly combined with hiking, is another recreational activity where involved parties find shelter in the outdoors, for a period of time, often using tents or vehicles. Softball on the other hand, is a baseball variant, originally presented as an indoor version of the latter. These two are fundamentally similar but with minor differences which we are set to dive deeper into, a little later.

Equestrian is in relation to horse riding. Equestrian skills can be learnt over time, and it gives one a chance to interact with these adorable creatures. In relation to this, polo is a sport where players are usually on horses and strive to hit a ball using polo mallets.

Rafting involves riding rafts on rough parts of a river, mostly fast flowing ones. Questions about the safety of this sport are often raised but statistics prove it safe to engage in, even without outstanding swimming capabilities. Canoeing, closely related to rafting, is, in Europe, used interchangeably with kayaking, where players paddle a canoe with a single bladed paddle.

Swimming is famously recreational, and most people do not consider professional adventure as they are already ripping the benefits of swimming even at the very basic undertaking of the sport. Snorkeling is a popular variant of swimming where swimmers are equipped with masks and breathing tubes. Scuba diving is a complex version of snorkeling where divers use oxygen tanks and dive deeper into water bodies, armed with swimsuits designed to protect against fluctuating temperatures, and other swimming aids. Considered to be intensely thrilling.

Surfing. Surfers ride a board on the face of a moving water wave. Mostly done by people with outstanding swimming capabilities, highly recreational. On a one-person craft called a sailboard, windsurfing, also known as board sailing, is a sport that combines characteristics of sailing and surfing. Fishing, an activity to try and catch fish, can be self-fulfilling, allowing one to practice environmental stewardship and boost one’s self esteem and contribute to self-development as well.

Numerous variations of hockey exist. Field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey and air hockey which generally differ in the location or place where they are played. We intend to give a more intense elaboration of these sports on our blog. Golf is an activity that involves hitting small balls with the intention of putting them in small holes strategically placed in a field. To play this, one needs to have the right golf shoes, golf bags, golf clothing, golf cars and golf carts and of course golf balls and also join feasible golf clubs. To learn about the best of all this, you should make it a point to stay tuned to our blog releases.

Soccer and football are two interesting or rather confusing terms. Both sports involve 11 – player teams playing against each other. However, footballers are assigned to defense and offense while soccer players work as a single unit. Basketball involves two opposing teams working towards putting a ball in a hoop. A closely related sport is volleyball which involves two opposing teams hitting a ball back and forth over a net using their hands. These recently mentioned sports, football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball are famous for having enormous numbers of fans watching and cheering on their favorites. Cheerleading is the activity of cheerleaders engaging participants in chanting or performing acts with the aim of encouraging their teams.

Downhill skiing, or alpine skiing involves sliding down hills covered in snow. Important tools for this sport include ski bags and specially designed heels. Closely related, is skating, which varies from ice-skating, snowboarding, longboarding and hard surface skating all of which involve sliding on surfaces using skates. Another sport is a triathlon which is a multisport endurance event consisting of swimming, running, or cycling over varying but specified lengths. Speaking of endurance, gymnastics is a highly strength reliant sport where players require overboard physical capabilities.

Climbing involves recreationally ascending mountains mostly or even rocks, using a wide range of tools, possibly ropes, quick-draws, high performing climbing shoes, helmets, harnesses, chalk among others. This sport is a great flex among thrill seekers.

Caving is more of a recreation than a sport. Could be associated with hiking and camping. It is the activity of exploring caves, also called spelunking. Adventure seekers seem to enjoy this the most although it may seem scary to most of the people. Tennis is a game in which, a ball is maintained in motion by hitting it with a racket, over a rectangular court with a low hanging net in the middle, unlike table tennis where a special table is used in place of the field, while cricket is a game where players arranged in two contesting sides and tools of play include wickets, cricket balls, and bats. Darts involves two players competing against each other by aiming sharp-ended tiny sticks to a mark.

Wakeboarding is a water surface activity in which a rider is towed by a motorboat while riding on a wakeboard. Hang gliding and paragliding. The pilot lays horizontally, parallel to the A-frame, during hang gliding. This unique stance enables the pilot to control the direction solely with his or her body. You will be sitting erect in a harness, as though on a chair, while paragliding. If you are an indoor person, pool or billiards could be an option worth exploring. These sports involve using a stick called a cue to hit small balls on a rectangular table with or without pockets.

Badminton is a sport where shuttlecocks are maintained in motion by striking them over a net using racquets. Closely related to it is lacrosse, which is a team sport in which players use a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball to play against one another. To wrap up, we have archery, the skill of shooting arrows to a set target using a bow. There exists a list of sports way longer than this. From a general perspective however, sports and exercises improve our energy levels and overall fitness, which could be key in the ability to live in one’s terms.